Monday, April 20, 2015

What Now!

In an earlier post I described our new wheels, and the Stow and Go capacity. Today was the day to utilize the extra space as I loaded up a "few" things and we headed uphill to the Okanagan a short jaunt of about 250mi.

On the way we pass over a toll bridge. It might cost a little more on the return for reasons we shall discuss further. 2 Axles is $3.00

I always enjoy this view when travelling east on Hwy 1. This is Mt. Baker, a popular for skiing in the winter and as a hiking  destination in the summer.

We stopped in a little town along the way for a bit to eat. "That's just whack" you might say. No, it's Chilliwack I would have to reply. From a sleepy little farming town it now boasts a population of 77,000 people. I remember travelling through when there were about 10,000. Things change. Scooterchick liked this tree, thus the picture thereof.

Speaking of ScooterChick, also known on her new YouTube channel as Trippin' Sista, here is a glamour shot of my beloved as we await the vittles.

The decor in this restaurant was unusual. I cannot decide if this chandelier resembles a spider or in inverted umbrella frame. Perhaps you have a suggestion?

This picture I shot over my shoulder looking back at the bar and serving area. The restaurant was supposed to be Italian, and perhaps it originally was, and now they seem to be shooting for Old English Pub Decor. Go figure.

I ordered a basket of Onion Rings (well done of course) and Patsy went with a Caesar Salad. Both were excellent. The rings crisp and not greasy, the salad was likewise crisp and they skimped not on the dressing.....yummmm in both cases.

For entrees ScooterChick decided on Garlic Prawns. They were more like shrimp really, but there were lots of em' with mashed potatoes.

I decided on an unusual choice, the Cobb Salad with Chicken. There was lots of that as well, and I barely made it to the end of my plate, but I have never been one to shirk from a culinary challenge.

As you can see we "put paid to" both entrees and only the plates remained.

As the sun sank in the western sky we continued in an eastwardly direction. tunes played quietly on the radio and quiet companionship was the order of the evening.

The following morning we headed to a small town in the vicinity. Here is your genial correspondent, looking forward  to what the day might bring.

We stopped in the little town of Osoyoos, just near the border with the US. This is a very crowded place in the summer with people who like the sun and water sports. Since I was here last, they have developed a waterfront promenade.

Looking west across the lake, there is Haynes Point Provincial Park which has 41 sites for campers.

Looking back along the highway you can see a fountain that the town has installed right by the bridge which spans the lake where it narrows and towards the downtown area.

This is the result of our stop in Osoyoos. Within a few short hours, we were driving off with a new home ON WHEELS!! Some arrangements needed to be made, like a tow dolly for our caravan and numerous fees for insurances and transfers and we were away!

This was our camping spot, the following day. On day 1 we left the rig in Pentiction and stayed with my Mom, who lives nearby. The following day we dealt with the purchase of the tow dolly and by midafternoon we were ready to stop. Most WalMarts allow overnight parking on the perimeter of their lot, but you need to check at customer service as a matter of courtesy to verify that policy.

This one said sure for "one or two nights!" They know on which side their bread is buttered, I remarked to the checkout lady the following a.m. "this is my third trip into the store to buy stuff, and I haven't left the parking lot!!!"

Here is Grace, for that is what we've named her, at our overnight spot from yesterday. It is a little park owned by the city with full hookups.

This location has a number of full-timers which work various construction and highway jobs in the vicinity. The park was established in 1984 and is well kept and relatively quiet, with the low hum of the Lumber Mill in the background.

As you can see, hooked up we make quite a package.

Here are some interior shots:
The Cockpit

The Lounge / Kitchen Area

The Obligatory Food Porn....Mmmmmm Bacon

The Large Hanging Locker / Bedroom Area

The Bathroom View Down

The Bathroom View Up

The me. Click on the link to see how I feel.

That's all for now. I must unhook hose and electric, retract slides, lift jacks and head off into another glorious spring day with the Trippin' Sista at my side.
Ciao for now.

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Trobairitz said...

What a cool rig. You two are going to have so much fun traveling now.

Thanks for the Osoyoos pics too. Hubby went to high school and graduated there.