Monday, April 20, 2015

And Away We Go?

We left our overnight spot and went in search of laundry facilities. Since the purchase of Grace (our rolling home), and our subsequent circuitous and time consuming route homeward, we needed to wash some duds. First we stopped at a Dollarama to get some detergent.

Then we went to the Laundry to do the necessary.

This has to be one of the more interesting Laundromats I have ever seen. Because the town fancies itself as the country music capital of Canada, the place was decked out with country & western memorabilia.

This is a shot of the Coldwater Hotel. I doubt this establishment will ever make a writeup in Trip Advisor other than to receive a one-word warning  DON'T.

Since this town thinks of itself in musical terms there are numerous murals of country music legends past and present. I did however notice a few murals that had been blotted out, perhaps those depicted had brought disrepute upon the country music industry or "dissed" the town in some way.

All of the murals were labelled, so you knew who was depicted in the panel.

The drugstore facade was Westernized, as was the Canadian Country Hall of Fame next door. Feeling that my Yeehaw and Giddyup quotient was full for the year I did not investigate further.

At the end of the block was the Adelphia Hotel. It was likewise not a contender for Trip Advisor four star status.

Once the laundry was dry we went to the food store to stock the rolling larder. Several minutes later we emerged with a few things, $274.58 worth! I kid not!

We stopped at a local park to have a bite to eat. On the menu today was Roast Chicken with Coleslaw, Potato Salad and Dinner Roll. We also split a bottle of Coca-Cola, a relative rarity for us..This is where we ate.

This was the view from our dining room, as we ate our lunch. Something tells me that the feast du jour may also be the feast du soir!

Another creekside view.

Finishing our lunch at close to four p.m. we decided to head out of town and see how far we could get. We roll along beside the Nicola River.

As the river winds it's way to the west so do we along a scenic highway full of twists turns and frequent slow to 30 MPH corners.

The territory is dry and warm. I'm sure it approached 80F today. As we rolled to the west we enjoyed the scenery.

With the sun sinking low in the sky we found a place to rest at Jade Springs RV Park in Lytton. Shortly after we parked we found out there is a rail line about 100 feet away, but hey, life is made up of surprises.

This is the view to the curbside of the coach, peaceful no?

With that I bid you adieu and promise to return with more at a not to distant future.

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Trobairitz said...

Parked by a rail line made me chuckle. We parked at Multnomah Falls in my mother-in-law's small motorhome back in 1994 and it was dark and we didn't know we were by the tracks until the first train came by. Shook the whole thing every hour when a train came by.

So glad you are seeing such great weather too.