Sunday, March 1, 2015

LA and Northbound

Due to the plague upon us, we slept in on our first morning in LA so it was mid-afternoon before we ventured out to get something to eat. We considered and discarded numerous places, before settling on Popeye's. You will be able to note that we are dining in (the car).

And where were we parked to enjoy this little picnic you ask? Why Jack in the Box of course. Although Popeye's had the Chicken, and it was ensconced in Bullet-Proof Glass, what they lacked was a bathroom!

Accordingly we went to Jack and used theirs. I spared them the indignity of depositing our Popeye's garbage in their receptacle. I felt (rightly or wrongly) that it would be adding insult to injury.

After our Chicken adventure, we picked up our daughter Tracey and a friend and went to the local theatre to see the new Will Smith movie, Focus.

I can't really recommend the movie mainly due to some nudity and a lot of language. We came out to a cool LA evening.

ScooterChick and Tracey pose for a glamor shot.

We rolled out of LA at 05:54 this a.m. and drove until about 8 before stopping at a Rest Area just north of Tejon Pass.

The traffic was starting to build by this time and we rolled on Northward after stretching or legs for a bit.

Patsy has frequently remarked on the hills of California looking like they were draped in Velvet. Oh look, there's some velvet now!

Right around 8:30, just as we were starting to get hungry, we stumbled across an IHOP. As you know, it's never the wrong time for Pancakes.

A little farther north we saw an edifice that was unmarked. There was however a tower attached, so I took a picture of that.

Did I mention the verdant topography? The hills are draped in green of varying shades. Very pleasant to look at.

Some of the verdant hills have cows on them. That fertilizer can't hurt when it comes to the greenage.

In some areas the green is tempered with other colors. When I first saw this I had a suspicion of what was causing the change of color.

Sure enough, it turned out to be Canola. This is one of Canada's largest cash crops, both for grain and for oil. It makes for a pretty picture though.

We stopped at another Rest Area. This one planted with Eucalyptus trees. These are very common in the middle of the state. They grow quite large in the south, but the one's in the north are more fragrant, when you bruise the leaves.

They are also very pretty and provide a nice dappled shade. The Rest Area had a number of people stopped there including one fellow who was tossing a Frisbee for his Border Collie.

Even though we are both ill, we managed a smile for a Rest Area selfie!

Our stopping place for the night was Redding CA. We go a rate at a Ramada Limited, and pulled off the road at around 3:30. You can see My Shasta in the background. Time to shower and rest!

I will talk with you tomorrow.


Helen Marie said...

Yes love those hills. So glad you got to rest more :).

Trobairitz said...

Hope you had a good night's sleep and are feeling a little better. No fun at all to travel when you are sick.

Take care of yourselves and we'll catch up to you for a visit at some point.