Saturday, February 21, 2015

Is It Soup Yet?

Many of you may remember the advertisement for Campbell's Soup where the young protagonist asked his Mom "Is it soup yet?" I remembered that as the sun started to sink in the western sky.

It was time to fire up the Barbecue. Now when I say barbecue, I am not talking about turning on the gas and clicking an ignitor. Oh no my friends, I am talking Old School smoke in your face coals and tongs. Caveman Style!!

Many of the people I grew up with in the middle 60's will recall their Mom returning from Woodward's in Park Royal and unveiling the latest and greatest in cooking technology. I refer to none other than the Cast Iron Hibachi.

Although the original Hibachi probably cost $4 back in the 60's the latest iteration, quite a few pounds lighter and now selling for a little over $40.
We ended up ordering this one from the local Home Hardware. It turns ou that help is indeed close to home.

The nickel plating on the grates is a little lighter than it used to be and one of the grates developed a crack first time out.

The last time I fired up this gorgeous little unit was in John Lawson Park in late summer. Everyone of our vintage who was strolling past pointed and smiled, they remember when their parents came home with the same hibachi back in the day. This was a reminder of their youth, just as it was of mine. We used to picnic often at JL when I was wee, swimming in the chuck and swelling our bellies with Chicken , Green and Potato Salad and Cake or Jello. We were itching to get back in the water (the longest one hour wait in any child's life.)

First the Marinated Chicken individually cossetted in Tin Foil went on, after about 8 minutes to be shuffled. Then after the first rearrangement, they were turned over for another 6-8 minutes or so.

Finally at about the 25 minute mark "the reveal." The Chicken by now is mostly done, requiring only a minute or 2 on each side to finish.

Here is a close up of the delectable result, juicy and crying out to be devoured with gusto and panache! (Food Porn.)

While I was tending the coals, vegetables were being prepared. Roast Potatoes with Carrots and Onions. They required nothing other that a little Olive Oil, Salt and Pepper to be perfect.

And here is the end result, preparing to be inhaled. Let me tell you Bub. This is the Real McCoy. No phony food here.

This is what happens to your taste buds and your overall sensory perception when you enjoy the heck out of a meal like this.

I leave you now, satisfied as only a man cooking meat over hot coals can be. See you next time.

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Trobairitz said...

A perfect ending picture/gif for a food post.