Monday, September 29, 2014

Drifting Along With The Tumbling Tumbleweeds.

We haven't seen any tumbleweeds this trip, but I have a feeling that's about to change.  Tumbleweed Invasion

This morning we left our hotel at just after 7a.m. We were headed for I-10 via 101 but ended up on Baseline Rd. in Mesa at a McDonald's. The flowers were blooming and the sun was shining. We got more coffee.

It's nice to see the flowers in late September. It was headed for about 90F. today and I was in my shorts and T-shirt with flip-flops.

I love to see the different flowers we don't see in the Great NorthWet. I can imagine a back yard with blooming shrubs.

We also filled up with gas. Remember we were paying just under $4/gal. in California and feeling pretty goods about it. You can imagine how good we felt about $3.19. We filled up before stopping for the night for $2.98....Woohoo!!!

Here we are at one of our innumerable rest stops. Every 100 miles or so we find a washroom. That's because of desert level hydration. We don't seem to eat as much but we are drinking something non stop. We are consuming about 4+ liters/day.

The breeze was making the flags dance briskly. I can imagine how it would suck the juices right out of you if you were on a bike!

We stopped for the night in Las Cruces N.M. In the background you can see the Organ Mountains. At the left side above the hotel sign is a pass we will head through towards White Sands and Alamogordo tomorrow morning.

I don't know exactly what it is, but it trips off the tongue in an amusing way. Try saying it three times and you will see what I mean:

Alamogordo New Mexico Alamogordo New Mexico Alamogordo New Mexico

See what I mean?

The hotel has a patio with a burbling fountain and a Kiva-style fireplace.

The lounge area is comfortably furnished, and we took advantage of it.

A desert sunrise is always spectacular, and tonight's was no exception.

Even a minute or two makes a big difference in the appearance. That's the thing about sunrises and sunsets. They are so ephemeral that within a very few minutes they are gone forever. Best to be fully savored whenever possible is my theory.

The colors begin to fade, the hues to soften and the light to become more diffuse. Time brings all things to a close. A day, a childhood or a life all things pass.

Finally the sun fades below the horizon. So too my day draws to a close. Tomorrow we head for Lubbock about which I know nothing other than the name.

Let us see what the day will bring.

Adieu mes amis.


Scooterchick said...


You caught some gorgeous pictures, Chris. I wish my camera did as good a job as your phone! Very nice, indeed.

Scootard said...

Yeah and your camera takes surprise photos even while you're napping!

Trobairitz said...

Beautiful sunset. Stunning and vivid.

Those are pretty nice gas prices. I was surprised when I saw the Safeway station this morning. Regular is finally down to $3.49/gallon in Corvallis.

Scootard said...

$3.49 is good Brandy, but we managed $2.99 at Love's in Memphis likeeee!