Thursday, June 26, 2014

The End of an Era, Let's Eat!

After 5 years of scootering the time has come to pass the torch, and the throttle to someone new. "Maj" has served me faithfully and well, but it's time to change to a different style of bike. The scooter was dutifully loaded on the trailer.

Here we are loaded up and ready to head to town. I'm glad we had the trailer to deliver her in safety, even though I will be abandoning he to her fate in a couple of hours. C'st la vie!

We picked up Bob, the new owner and once we received the cash, he received the keys. We went together to the insurance agent, to ensure a seamless conveyance of title.

That having been effected, we needed to replenish our strength. We headed to Commercial Drive, a multiethnic neighborhood to chow down. Here Scooterchick peruses the menu.

A choice having been made, a smile plays upon her lips as she waits for me to figure out what I want to eat.

Scooterchick ordered some Chicharrones, but neither of us was expecting this. It is an unusual treatment of thick sliced Pork Belly, served crispy with Green onion garnish. Definitely different, but tasty though a little hard on the chompers.

There was also a side order of Truffle Fries. These are dusted with Salty Parmesan and served a Truffle Aioli. Very good, they went fast.

I ended up with Jerked Chicken Tacos. The Jerk was spicy but not too, and served with a side of Guacamole. Everything goes better with Guac!. It was messy but delicioso!

This is the restaurant in question...Havana. If you get close enough and have a hankering for some excellent eats, we can give it a hearty recommendation. It isn't too pricey and the food is spectacular.

This is one of the bikes in my consideration. It is a Yamaha WR250R.

This would also be peachy. It has an excellent durability record. KLX250S.

Here is another spectacular contender. it is Honda's CRF230L. 

Truth be told, unless I can find a used lo miler they are all a little above my price range. I would even consider an older XR250 or similar, but prefer electric start. The hunt is on. I am sure the right bike is out there dreaming of me!

I'll keep you posted. 


Helen Marie said...

Goodbye Maj'...glad to have enjoyed your company a few times :)

Anonymous said...

Hope you take them for a long test drive they are not that comfy on long drives get a real bike there are lots out there bud your too old for tooly stompin