Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Fast Away the Old Year Passes

We spent Christmas with my Mom in the Okanagan. We returned to the Wet Coast afterwards on the 28th.

We were invited to a delicious turkey dinner on New Year's Eve with some loved ones here in Squampton and returned home around 10, and celebrated the turn of the year with a big kiss!!!!! At that precise moment the phone rang and it was Miss Helen calling from Oklahoma to interrupt our osculation and wish us a Happy New Year.

Today Scooterchick decided to cook a Crispy Duck!. This is the fowl in question. Here he is doing his little dripping dance, as the fat drains from his carcass.

Doesn't he look delicious? Yes he does!!

Of course a feast would not be complete without something on the side. Something my baby never ate when she was young.....parsnips, fried in butter and salt...YUM.

The duck having been separated from his other half was plated.

Twice. Ready for cutlery.

Gravy is of course expected in these types of situations.

Broccoli steamed and ready to add color and fiber to the meal.

Then there's the matter of stuffing. Scooterchick wisely chose boxed stuffing. A handmade stuffing would be soaked in Duck Grease.....Eeeegh!

An enormous pile of food was now assembled on each plate....

All that was left was to dig in. We did what we could to demolish the feast, but in the end neither of us could finish our plates....

Congratulations and kudos go Scooterchick for an excellent repast.

Happy New Year!!!


Patricia Carpenter said...

It wasn't everything I had in mind when I thought about what to cook as our first meal together in 2014 as I was exhausted from the previous trip to the Okanagan. But it turned out ok....:-).

Scootard said...

Bany you know I love everything you cook. It was delicious. ...