Sunday, November 3, 2013

Getting Our Fill of Fall

When you wake up and your stomach is growling, there's only one thing for it. according to the hunger imperative I fired up the frying pan and mad some chow for Scooterchick and I. Of course Scrambled Eggs with Cheddar always go down well, and I decided on something a little unconventional. Taking a package of Cornmeal Muffin mix I made something that I remember my Grandma calling Johnny Cakes. They are like pancakes, but not so much.

Of course there was room on the plates for one more ingredient....that's right Bacon. One can never have too much Bacon. Can one?

We decided to go for a drive and snap a couple of pictures of the fall foliage before the rain and wind take the leaves away for another year.

This is a Gingko tree. It is said to be the world's oldest species. Is it, I don't know but it turns a striking gold color in fall.

Soon the leaves will be gone for another year. I love this time of year even if it's a fleeting season, and the frost on the ground this morning is proof that the year wanes yet again. Soon we'll be hearing Ho-Ho-Ho, then Happy New Year.

The colors can be quite striking. Turn another corner and you have to pull over for another picture of spectacular splendor.

We stopped at a local beanery for a quick nosh. I decided Scooterchick was just too adorable for words so here are a few pictures that will substitute for the thousands I cannot utter.

Another 1000

I can't stop myself, 1,000 more!


We finally made our way back home as the sun began to set. The last few rays of the sun illuminated the Stawamus Chief as we headed back to the ranch.

And now for something completely different. We had dinner with friends last night and they had a Tuxedo Truffle cake for dessert. This is something we cannot find when we are in Oklahoma.......oh how I've missed you!....did I say that out loud?

To compensate for the above average overage of yesterday, we went lighter for dinner. A few Corn Tortilla Chips, some Queso, some Salsa and Fruit. 

Our day comes to a close, and we are relaxing on the couch. We can recommend the same to you....


Patricia Carpenter said...

Very cool fall colors. Great pictures, Christo. Thanks for the outing.

Scootard said...

Thank you Baby. You hang out good!

Helen Marie said...

Aww I really liked your posts
and pics :)

Scootard said...

Thank you Miss Helen.