Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Where Away Travellers?

The time had run out on our stay in Lawton. After a couple hectic days getting the car serviced and tending to last minute errands we got ready to head out.

Our intention was to roll on at 0800 so naturally we ended up leaving around
0930. It was hard to say goodbye, but travel we must, and travel we do.

This picture was taken about 10 miles west of Lawton on Hwy 62. My Scooterchick is smiling and ready to rock. The windshields and mirrors from our scooters have been stored to reduce wind resistance,

Well we're in high cotton now. Not really...due to an ongoing drought the cotton is stunted and production is down, but there's still enough to harvest.

We head west and out of Oklahoma. We are well supplied with drinks and munchies, we only stop to gas up and use the facilities.

Last week we were in Texas and now here we Texas!

We turn right in Amarillo, and pick up 287 to head north.

We stop in Dumas TX and take a selfie in the hot West Texas wind. It was about 80F. this afternoon.

We continued up 287, (which starts at Port Arthur on the Gulf Coast) and soon we entered Oklahoma then left Oklahoma. This was due to passing through the panhandle a narrow sliver of land 34 miles wide that somehow got left over between Texas and Colorado and was appended to Oklahoma. In and out in about 25 minutes and here we are entering Colorado.

See us? We are ready to stomp on the go pedal and make tracks north.

My attention was starting to wander by the time we reached Lamar Co. and at
75mph one doesn't want one's attention to stray that far. We pulled  into a McD's to use the internet and find a hotel.

Using Trip Advisor we found out that the Days Inn was well rated. According to Trip Advisor I had a choice of companies that would book it at $99.99

I decided to call the hotel instead and asked what they could do on a senior rate. That Senior Status card comes in handy. A King Room including breakfast for $71.99 
I can get behind that rate!!!

The room was comfortable, the shower head at least 6'8" and water very hot. This makes a huge difference at the end of a long day.

We will be chowing down tomorrow morning and hitting the road early. Let's see how far we can make it tomorrow. Check in then?

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Helen Marie said...

Hey there....your hotel both in and out is quite colorful...thus living up to the name 'colorful colorado' :)