Sunday, September 29, 2013

Carousing around Cooperrton

Well, perhaps carousing is too strong a word, since little actual carousal took place. Lest I get ahead of myself, let's start at the beginning.

It was a scooterifically perfect day. We could not resist, the siren call of the open road, the horizons yet unexplored and the opportunity to pursue something new.

Our steel and plastic ponies sat restively in the driveway. Scooterchick was getting the necessitos out of her trunk and preparing to saddle up. We were anxious to get on the road.

We had a stop to make first. A friend's father was in the hospital ICU, and we told her we would stop by and pray with and for him on the way, so that was our top priority.

We told the staff our reason for attending and they showed us right in.

On our way out I stopped and snapped a picture of the huge fish tank in the lobby. This is a nice facility, and our friend's dad is being well cared for here.

We stopped to get gas before we left town. My darling, having refueled is ready to head out already. Miss Helen had decided to come with us for the ride.

One of the great things about this location is that it was about 80F. today, lovely for riding and with the gas price at 3.18 per gallon, it didn't cost much to top up both of the scooters.

I see that the gas price in Squamish has recently dropped to $6.08/gal. I will ensure we top of our tank before coming across the border.

Along the way we stopped at a historical marker and I learned about the Cutthroat Gap Massacre. If you would like to know more here is some information.

We arrived in Cooperton OK, and found this large building. It is, or more correctly was, the Cooperton Valley Gymnasium. With a population of 16 it seems a bit ambitious. There are a total of 3 inhabited houses in town.

This is a stone building that at one time was the town bank. It is a small building and I have no idea how long it has been since it was used as a financial institution.

This is the interior of said building. After being used as a bank it was apparently used a a storage facility. There are a number of truck tires and a couple gas pumps off in the corner.

This gas pump has been out of service for decades. It appears that gas was
 $0.72 /gal when it was retired. It originally saw service on Farris Farms.

This building was adjacent to the bank. There are a couple Ford vehicles is various states of disrepair. The lawn tractor looks like it would run.

There are the remains of a Pecan orchard across the way. Due to lack of pruning and fertilizer it is now a forest of dead standing timber.

Here is a picture of Scooterchick and Miss Helen, jawboning about our next destination. We decided to start heading back to the ranch the long way around.

One last picture on the way out of Cooperton. This old building was at one time the town grocery store. You could see the old coolers still inside.

We headed back south on Hwy 54 and turned left on Hwy 49 towards the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. Along the road we stopped to take a picture of these Rudbeckia, better known as Black Eyed Susan.

Another stop, another picture. These are the type of rocks which Patsy and I have always referred to as Dinosaur Poop. Must have been some big honkin' dinosaurs though when you think about it.

This is the sign at the northern edge of the refuge. This is a tract of land measuring 59,020 acres that was set aside in 1901. This is a little over 73 sq. mi.

On the left side of this picture, just past the bridge, you can see a small family of Longhorn Cattle. The old bull was just crossing the road as we came along, and we slowed, took the far edge of the other lane and idled past.

He paid no attention to we gnats, and I for one am glad because one swipe of his horns could skewer rider and machine effortlessly.

I have been riding past this ravine for 5 years and have always wanted to take pictures, but this is the first time I have had a chance to stop and do so.

At times the creek runs freely through here, but at this time of year it's pretty dry. After looking at the flat ground a little topography is nice.

One last ravine picture. In the foreground is Purple Prairie Clover.
It makes a nice contrast, with the shadows in the ravine starting to lengthen as we head for home.

We scooted home for a lovely Fish and Rice Dinner, whipped up in a trice by my darling Scooterchick. And so, sated and relaxed, I finish my post and bid you a very good evening.

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